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About Bee's Knees Nest Removals

Bee’s Knees Apiaries has a dedicated team of bee removal experts ready to safely remove bee and wasp nests from inside or outside your home or business at your convenience.
Our Company
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At Bee's Knees Apiaries, we distinguish ourselves from conventional pest control companies with our unique approach. Instead of relying on harmful chemicals, we prioritize safe, chemical-free pest removal. This not only ensures the safety of people, pets, and wildlife but also protects the environment and vital pollinators. We focus on the humane relocation of stinging insects like honeybees, wasps, hornets, and bumblebees. This process involves carefully capturing the insects and moving them to a more suitable location, ensuring their safety and the preservation of their natural habitats.

Research & Education
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We go beyond pest removal by contributing to medical research. The wasps and hornets we collect can have their venom extracted for medicinal purposes, highlighting our unique role in advancing health and wellness. Additionally, our nests are sometimes frozen and used for educational purposes, promoting awareness and understanding of these essential creatures. We have partnered with local Brownie troops to help them earn their bug badges and are committed to 'Bee' Engaged with Youth. We emphasize the importance of involving young people in beekeeping and pollinator conservation efforts, recognizing them as the future guardians of our environment! Did you know that 7% of Americans are at risk for life-threatening reactions to bee and wasp stings, leading to 220,000 ER visits each year? Venom immunotherapy can prevent these severe reactions in up to 98% of people with bee sting allergies.

Humane Pest Control
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Our team, led by our dedicated bee removal ladies, is a group of highly trained professionals. We ensure efficient, safe, and humane pest control solutions. As a family business that is woman-owned and operated, we are deeply committed to providing exceptional customer service. We offer flexible scheduling, personalized care, and prompt response times. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where our passion for sustainability and community well-being drives everything we do. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we value your trust in us.

Support Sustainability
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When you donate to Bee's Knees Apiaries, you're not just supporting a pest control service but becoming an integral part of our mission to promote sustainable practices, advance medical research, and conserve the environment. Your contribution helps us go beyond traditional pest removal by enabling us to extract venom from collected wasps and hornets for medicinal purposes and use frozen nests for educational purposes, fostering awareness and understanding of these essential creatures.

Your donation is not just a financial contribution; it's a decisive step towards creating a healthier, safer future for our community and the planet. Feel empowered knowing that your support, no matter the amount, makes a significant difference in preserving our environment and promoting a sustainable future. Together, we can make a lasting impact. Your donation is a bee-con of hope for a better future!

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