About Bee's Knees Nest Removals

Bee’s Knees Apiaries has a team of beekeepers on call to remove bee and wasp nests from inside or outside your home or business at a time that is convenient for you. 
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Bee's Knees Apiaries does business as ApiBee and Bee's Knees Honey Farms. ApiBee specializes in Bee Venom Therapy, apitherapy products, and educational materials about apitherapy.  Bee’s Knees Honey Farms provides pollination services and produces honey, bee pollen and propolis. Bee’s Knees Apiaries provides safe organic / pesticide free stinging insect removal services and safely relocates them to a new habitat.

Research & Education

Bee’s Knees Apiaries strives to remain relevant to the industry by applying technology to our farming practices and researching new products.  ApiBee is currently researching opportunities for using wasp/hornet venom for allergy treatments from the nests Bee’s Knees Nest Removals collects using their innovative BeeVac Technology.  Bee’s Knees Apiaries and ApiBee provide educational material about the importance of all stinging insects, nature’s pollinators, and apitherapy.

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Agriculture safety | Varoa mite treatment

The pandemic situation caused by the coronavirus Covid-19 has led to severe restrictions in both private and business environments. We would like to inform you about the series of measures taken by Bee's Knees Apiaries to ensure the health and safety of all our employees as well as to provide business continuity to our customers. Our team of Beekeepers are equiped with 3M Dual Cartridge Respirators which are widely used in Agriculture and have earned NIOSH approval. This supplies the highest level of protection for you and our team from harmful particulates and organic vapors.

Support Your Local Honey Bees

Your generous donation will fund our mission to help local farmers pollinate their crops and promote local sustainable agriculture! Your support and contributions will also enable us to meet our goals and continue to provide apitherapy education, and materials about the importance of our natural pollinators. The USDA estimates that 80% of insect crop pollination is accomplished by bees! 4% of all donations will go to Feeding America and No Kid Hungry, because nobody should go hungry!


I​f you would like to donate to our cause please visit our donation page via paypal by clicking the donte button below!

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