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For The Planet!


Chemical Free!  Service Guaranteed!

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Help us keep things buzzing smoothly! Donate to support our bee removal team and ensure venom extraction for medical use. Bee-lieve in our cause!

We experienced a record number of stinging insect nest removals in 2023. To manage this year's demands, we hired and trained two new employees. We plan to rent retrofitted work vehicles so they won’t have to use their cars. It’s a messy job! The fundraiser will equip our Nest Removal Ladies with essential gear and secure these vehicles and equipment to be medically compliant so our wasps can have their venom extracted for medicinal purposes. Having vehicles will ensure our team can efficiently and safely assist our community. By supporting Bee's Knees, you're not just helping us provide a vital service; you're also contributing to the well-being and safety of our employees and the health of essential pollinators and our environment!

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Don't Bee a Bee Hater But Bee a Bee Saver!

At Bee's Knees Apiaries, we distinguish ourselves from conventional pest control companies with our unique approach. Instead of relying on harmful chemicals, we prioritize safe, chemical-free pest removal. Our focus is on the humane relocation of stinging insects of honeybees, wasps, hornets, and bumblebees. This not only protects the environment and vital pollinators but also ensures the safety of people, pets, and wildlife!

Bee-yond Pest Control!

Bee Aware: Venom Immunotherapy is the Buzz in Allergy Treatment!

Did you know that 7% of Americans are at risk for life-threatening reactions to bee and wasp stings, leading to 220,000 ER visits each year? Venom immunotherapy can prevent these severe reactions in up to 98% of people with bee sting allergies.

A Real Sting Operation!

What People Say!

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